Wholesale cooperation

Dear customer, if you are a merchant and you are interested in buying at wholesale prices, you need to register with us.

1st Step: Register on the site www.zabavnapyrotechnika-velkoobchod.sk

2nd step: Send an email to vo@zabavnapyrotechnika-velkoobchod.sk

Write there:

I am interested in wholesale cooperation and I am registered +(your name, surname, company ID number, phone number)

3rd step: within 72 hours, we will start your account on the website, even with discounts


Business manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Tomáš Šmitala

Mail: smitala@srpyro.com

Phone: +420 722 090 100

Customer care - Slovakia: Ing. Vladimir Greguš

Mail: gregus@srpyro.com

Tel.: +421 911 095 643

Export manager for Europe: Mgr. Lucia Pallerová, MBA

Mail: export@srpyro.com

Phone: +421 915 984 429